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EAA203 has received a donation of a Thorp T18 project. It is for sale in bulk or it may be parted out.

We need a Thorp T-18 parts list to properly inventory the gift. If you have a current Thorp T18 list of parts or know someone who does then please contact Scott Curry. We would also appreciate the donation of a set of paper plans. We do not have a budget to buy plans and the club will not be completing this airplane.

Contact Scott Curry at scottcurry22@bellsouth.net for more information.

We have the following Thorp T18 airplane parts:

  • Fuselage – sides, top and bottom half riveted. It looks like an 11 foot by 4 foot canoe.
  • Fiberglass engine surround. A beautiful part that you must see to appreciate.
  • Tail sections, horizontal and vertical complete.
  • Front landing gear A-frame.
  • Rear spring landing gear parts and wheel.
  • Wing parts.  Main beam riveted, ribs and skins separate.
  • Sheets of metal. Some pre-drilled and others plain.
  • Welded pieces. Pedals and other controls.
  • Wiring.
  • Fuel Tank and Cradle assembly.
  • Fiberglass wheel pants and fiberglass wing tips have been fabricated.
  • Several other pieces.

We do not have plans.  We have 37 photographs of updated blueprints.

The tail sections and fuselage have been put together with flush rivets and clecos.

Gasoline tank and supports are complete. Welded parts have been made as have fiberglass parts.

Wing and center beams have been riveted and ribs made. The project was stopped during wing production.

The ribs have not been attached to the beams.

Tail pieces (2 horizontal and 2 vertical) have not been attached to fuselage.

No interior work has been started other than gas tank and rudder pedals.

We do not have:

  • Motor
  • Motor mount
  • Canopy
  • Wheels or brakes. We do have 2 axles.
  • Unknown since we do not have a parts list or plans.

This John W. Thorp T-18 airplane project is very complete and there is no reason why this Thorp T18 airplane should not be completed.